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 Technical notes


What is a preamplifier?

The Improvements of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is very important in small signals measurements. And preamplifiers are used to amplify signals when they are affected by noise, generally in sensor-based measurements, where the purpose is to improve the SNR. Yet, on the other hand, preamplifiers are sometimes used to change the output impedance of sensors as well. More.


What is a filter?

Filters in electronics have the function of removing unnecessary frequencies from signals with various frequencies and passing only the necessary frequency signals. Filters include passive filters that combine LCR components and active filters that use operational amplifiers requiring power. Active filters have good performance, but are difficult to design and adjust. More.

Lock-in Amplifier

What is a lock-in amplifier?

The lock-in amplifier measures the amplitude and phase of an AC signal by combining a PSD (phase sensitive detector) and LPF (low-pass filter). Enter an AC "reference signal" and measure only signals of the same frequency. More.

SA Series

Ultra-low Noise Amplifiers

SA series are know as ultra-low noise ampliiers, and there are two main technologies employed in our model SA-230F5 and SA-430F5. Here we will introduce you both of them, which are bias-stabilization technology and active input impedance.More.


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