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Power Supply and Power Control Products

Power supply and power control devices create the optimum environment for the testing and evaluation of today’s advanced electronic devices and components.

Since developing Japan’s first domestically produced vacuum-tube AC power supply, NF has released numerous power supply products. Incorporating technology for precision analog control, high-performance power control, etc., they realize highly accurate power control in applications ranging from direct current to high frequencies.

AC Power Sources
For applications from voltage and frequency conversion to standards testing

Power Amplifiers
For testing of piezoelectric actuators, ultrasonic motors, and electrical equipment

Electronic Loads
For testing of batteies, fuel cells, and DC power supplies (DC)
For load testing of UPS systems, inverters, etc. (AC)

Power Test Instruments
For testing of protective relays in electric power systems

Low Noise DC Power Supply
For high-precision measurement applications used in advanced device research, analysis devices, and medical equipment.

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