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NF's Core Technology-High-Precision Measurement and Control

On the strength of its proprietary technology, NF is expanding into a wide range of technological fields

Negative Feedback Control Technology
Negative feedback (NF) control technology—the very genesis of the company’s name—assures stability and high performance in electronic circuits and is widely utilized in circuits and control systems. Because improper control methodology can impair both the performance and stability of a device, NF strives for optimum control technology to maximize performance and stability. This core technology spans all of NF’s application areas from small signal amplification to broadband power amplification.

Precision Analog Signal Processing Technology
In measurement, the accurate capturing and optimal processing of analog signals are critical. Minimizing noise, ambient impact, and other factors that impair measurement require technologies and expertise in precision signal processing, including amplification, filtering, and other circuit technologies. NF’s precision analog signal processing technology is used in a variety of products for a wide array of applications, for conditioning everything from small, nanovolt-level signals to massive signals of thousands of volts.

High-Performance Power Control Technology
Power amplifiers and other power components used in R&D must have optimum control suited to the load characteristics. NF provides power control solutions assuring the same level of accuracy and precision as its measurement instruments. These solutions make use of analog and digital control technology, and regenerative technology (for utilizing power efficiently) and span a broad range of frequencies, from direct current to high-frequency power.

System Control Technology
Cutting-edge R&D often requires custom-built measurement instruments and systems with specifications that are usually not possible with general-purpose devices. NF’s system control technologies facilitate the design of such devices and systems that meet our customers' needs and objectives. By organically integrating a broad range of proprietary technologies and by utilizing our unrivaled capabilities in customization and maintaining close, careful communication with our customers, NF creates a new value needed to achieve tomorrow’s technologies.

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