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  • Product Catalog
  • Function Generator | WAVE FACTORY
  • LCR Meter | ZM series
  • Technical Guide | "Using LCR Meters to Measure Electronic Components -For reliable measurement of various parameters-"
  • Frequency Response Analyzer | FRA series
  • Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer | ZGA5920
  • Technical Guide | "Frequency Response Analyzer Technical Guide"
  • Lock-in Amplifier | LI5660/LI5655/LI5650/LI5645
  • Low-Noise Preamplifier | SA series
  • Low Noise DC Power Supply | LP series
  • Programmable AC Power Source | DP series
  • Programmable AC/DC Power Source (1kVA) | EC750SA/EC1000SA
  • AC/DC Power Source | ES series
  • AC Power Supply | EPO series
  • High Speed Bipolar Amplifier | HSA series, BA series
  • Bipolar DC Power Supply with Built-in Sequential Signal Source | BP series
  • Function Module Data Book | Filters/Amplifers/Oscillators/Phase Detectors/Voltage Controlled Phase Shifter




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