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Important Notice
Resister Tunable Oscillator

CG series

The CG series is a resister tunable sine-wave oscillator which can be set the oscillation frequency with externally connected resistors.

Model Frequency range Frequency setting Output voltage Distortion factor Package
CG-102R1 20Hz to 20kHz 2 externally connected resistors 2.5Vrms
(0.5V to 20Vp-p is possible.)
0.005% max.
(70Hz to 10kHz)
24 pins
CG-102R2 1kHz to 100kHz 0.005% max.
(2kHz to 50kHz)
CG-202R3 100kHz to 1MHz 2.5Vrms
(1.6V to 5Vrms is possible.)
-50dB typ. (1MHz)
CG-302R1 20Hz to 20kHz
(0.5V to 20Vp-p is possible.)
0.005% max.
(70Hz to 10kHz)
20 pins
Single-in-line package
CG-302R2 1kHz to 100kHz 0.005% max.
(2kHz to 50kHz)
CG-402R1 20Hz to 20kHz 2.5Vrms
(±2V to ±10Vrms is possible.)
0.1% max.
(200Hz to 100kHz)
12 pins
Single-in-line package
CG-402R2 1kHz to 100kHz

Supply voltage : ±15V

CG-742N Random Binary Generator

Random binary generator is oscillator which can be output binary signal of random timing. It is possible to make white noise combination with lowpass filter.

Noise generator Pseudo random M series
Basic oscillation frequency Depends on an externally connected resistor or external clock of TTL level
 Gain Amplifier
Basic oscillation frequency range 0.5MHz to 5MHz (externally connected resistor) 5MHz max. (external clock)
Output TTL level or ±5V (no load)
Supply voltage ±15V
Dimensions 54.4 x 33.7 x 9.4 (mm), 40 pins Dual-in-line packager


OP-102 can be combined with DT-212D series to enable implementation of sinewave oscillator with the frequency set by a 3-digit BCD input.

Oscillation frequency range 1Hz to 100kHz
Eternally connected components are necessary in 100Hz or lower

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