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Product Milestones
Ultralow-frequency oscillator is developed.
1961 DV series of function modules and filters is developed.
Patent application (No. 423489) is submitted for an automatic low-frequency distortion meter
1962 Circuit for a CR feedback filter is developed, and a patent application (No. 477114) is submitted.
AC power source PA-201 is developed.
1963 Transistor-type ultralow-frequency oscillators FG-104T and FG-105T are developed.*
FG-104T and FG-105T oscillators
1966 CR feedback filter technology is licensed to Sony Corp.
Automatic low-frequency distortion meter technology is licensed to Hewlett-Packard.
1967 Lock-in amplifier LI-571, capable of detecting small signals buried in noise, is developed.
1975 Production and sales agreement for acoustic emission devices is made with the Southwest Research Institute, one of the three largest R&D centers in the United States.
1978 Dolby Laboratories certifies the M-174 and M-177 high-sensitivity AC voltmeters as noise meters for the Dolby B system.
Automatic low-frequency distortion meter technology is licensed to Sound Technology, Inc., in the United States.
Frequency response analyzer S-5720 is developed.
1985 Model 4005 1-MHz high-speed power amplifier is developed.
1988 NF develops a characteristics tester for cold cathode discharge tubes utilizing NF’s experience with high-voltage technology.
1989 Grid connection testing system is developed.
1990 4200 series of amazingly compact, lightweight, and flexible power supplies is developed.
Model 5870 PCM data recorder, capable of multichannel, extended-time, variable time axis recording, is developed.
1991 Model 4705, a lightweight, compact protective relay tester is developed.
1992 SA series of amplifiers, realizing the world’s highest level in ultralow-noise amplifiers, is developed.
1993 Superconducting Sensor Laboratory recognizes NF for its contributions to national projects.
1995 Model 4400 series AC power supply receives a Good Design Award in the Small and Medium Enterprise scheme.
1996 Wave Factory multifunction synthesizer receives a Good Design Award for Interfaces.
1999 EPO series of compact, lightweight, high-efficiency power supplies is developed.
2001 Japan’s National Space Development Agency awards NF following the successful launch of the H-IIA1 rocket, built with NF’s custom devices.
2002 As-510 fuel cell testing system, enabling automatic estimation of equivalent circuits, is developed.*
2004 EZ7510 data recorder, enabling high-speed sampling and extended-time recording, is developed.

Company Milestones
1959 NF Circuit Design Bloc is established
1969 NF receives an Excellent Company Award from the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
1970 Construction of the Yokohama Plant is completed.
1973 Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment and Consultation invests in NF.
1974 NF Engineering, an affiliate, is founded.
1986 Yamaguchi NF Electronics, an affiliate, is founded.
1990 Registered for over-the-counter stock trading.
1993 NF Fieldtec, an affiliate, is founded.
1997 ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification is achieved.
2001 New corporate logo is adopted.
2003 Shanghai Office opens in China.
2004 ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification is achieved.
Shares are traded on Jasdaq Stock Exchange.
2005 Shenzhen Office opens in China.
2006 NF Technology (Shanghai) CO., Ltd. is founded.

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