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Function Generator
AC Power Source

NF’s AC power sources are designed and built to deliver high-quality, high–precision AC power. In recent years, NF’s products have been used for power-supply environment testing such as immunity testing of electronic components.

DP020AS Programmable AC Power Source DP020AS/DP020AGS New

High performance & scalable configuration
2kVA/1U size, Expandable Single phase or 3Phase, up to 18kVA.

dp Programmable AC Power Source DP series

High peformance, multifunction, high usability and energy-saving design
1.5 kVA to 144 kVA

Programmable AC/DC Power Source ES series
For various specification tests and simulations
2kVA to 60kVA


Programmable AC Power Source ES-E
Package model
Single-phase 2kVA/4kVA/6kVA
High quality and stable output


ec Programmable AC/DC Power Source KP3000S/KP3000GS
AC: 3 kVA, DC: 3 kW
Multifunction (Measurement function, sequence and simulation function etc.)

EC1000SA Programmable AC/DC Power Source EC750SA/1000SA
EC750SA: 750VA/750W
EC1000SA: 1kVA/1kW
Multifunction (Measurement function, sequence and simulation function etc.)

AC Power Supply EPO series *Discontinued Model
High efficiency approx.76%
2kVA to 36kVA

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