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Measurement Instruments

From R&D to production lines, in a variety of fields, NF’s high-performance electronic measurement instruments deliver advanced solutions.

Known as the backbone of modern industry, measurement instruments are indispensable tools in state-of-the-art R&D and production. Since its founding, NF has delivered to market numerous distinctive and proprietary products in this category. NF continues to develop the advanced measuring solutions demanded by today’s businesses in high-performance electronic devices, based on precision analog control technology.

Signal Generators
Measuring signal sources for a variety of waveform types used in a range of fields

LCR Meters
High-precision measurement of circuit elements

* Impedance Analyzer
For measuring, evaluating and testing materials, components and circuits

AC Voltmeter / Noise Meter
high-sensitivity noise measurement in audio equipment

Lock-in Amplifiers / Preamplifiers
Ultra-small-signal measurements for high-level research fields such as nanotechnology

Noise elimination as part of pre-processing before measurement

Measurement System
Suitable for pre-processing analog signals

Frequency Response Analyzers
High-precision measurement of frequency response such as servo characteristics

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