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NF—Developing Proprietary, Ever-Evolving Measurement and Control Technologies

By using the technology of unmatched precision, NF provides optimal solutions in measurement and control.

Over the years, NF has produced numerous products in response to a variety of needs in the continually advancing electronics industry. These products have earned a reputation for being “unique and original”—a reputation that reflects our dedication to out-of-the-box thinking and to the development of unique technology. The NF products that culminate from this unique technology and extensive expertise are constantly evolving in response to our customers’ highly specific and ever-changing needs.

Keeping a “big picture” perspective in mind, as an expert in measurement and control technologies, NF provides optimal solutions that go beyond a narrow problem-solving approach.

An Extensive Lineup of Products
NF’s broad product lineup allows customers to choose the optimum product for their needs.

A Wide Array of Applications
With an extensive history of proven applications, NF can propose just the right choice to suit a customer’s needs.

Know-How in High-Precision Measurement
With its unmatched know-how in the field of measurement, NF can design the optimum solution for a customer’s specific measurement needs.

Comprehensive, Customized Solutions
NF has the requisite experience and flexibility to provide a comprehensive, customized solution from design to system startup when general-purpose products do not fulfill a customer’s specific application needs.

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