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Important Notice
Function Modules

NF will provide strong support for customers’ circuit design using our high reliability miniaturization technology employed by satellite.
NF manufactures high-function circuit, hybrid IC, and various types of electronic equipment combining advanced technology with reliable mounting technology. NF offers a consistent production system from design to production to meet our customers’ demand.

Product Lineup

We can meet the full range of customer requirements, from circuit design to modularization


Aerospace  |  satellite, rocket
 Reliable Mounting technology under severe environmental conditions, such as high/low temperature, vibration, and shock
Medical  |  medical equipment

MRI, Ultrasound, CT, electroencephalograph

 Ultra-low-noise amplifier for amplifying a small signal from biological objects
Railway  |  railway signal

Train detection, electroscope.

 High -precision filters substitute for mechanical filters

 An Isolation amplifier for control signal

Semiconductors  |  manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment

Mixed-signal test system, discrete devices, test systems, Semiconductor lithograply equipment , an atomic force microscope, overlay inspection apparatus, interferometer

 Low noise amplifier    Noise elimination filter
 An amplifier driving piezoelectric elements
Power  |  power facility

Remote controller (slave station), harmonic controller, protection relay

 noise elimination filter for power monitoring facility

Flowmeter, gas detection, HDD inspection, fish finder, signal conditioners, etc.

High reliable manufacturing

NF manufactures composite electronic components combining advanced technology with reliable mounting technology. NF offers a consistent production system from design to production to meet our customers’ demand.
Based on the customer's request, we offer circuit design, procurement, sample prototyping and mass production

Thick film printing substrate

Thick film printing substrates are ceramic-based, laminated structure of a conductor and resistors on a ceramic board. Ceramic substrate is superior in heat dissipation, enable to reduce the mounting parts Therefore, it is possible to manufacture small and highly reliable substrates.
NF adopts cadmium-free resistors complies with RoHS..
Up to Single-sided, dual-layer and four layers on both sides.
Ceramic board Material 96% Alumina
Dimension Max, 3in Thickness 0.8mm
Paste material Conductor Silver palladium
Resistor Ruthenium oxide
Line width /Line-to-line 0.3/0.3mm min
Through-hole Possible (standard φ0.4mm)
Resistor range 10Ω~10MΩ、±0.5%(Depends on a resistor)
Layer structure single-sided, dual-layer,
double sided four layer

Bare chip component mounting

Mounting a bare chip on thick film printing substrate, using a hermetic seal (hermetically sealed), NF produces an reliable module with the extremely wide temperature range. We equip not only manufacturing such as a die bonder, wire bonder, ‎Seam sealer, but also Evaluation facilities , such as a leak tester, thermal shock test equipment , and constant acceleration test equipment
  •  Space development
  •  Resource exploration
  •  Medical
  •  Semiconductor manufacturing facility
  •  Thin built-in module
  •  Superconductivity experiment

Function trimming(High precision adjustment)

The function trimming, is a method to adjust with the high accuracy while measuring the performance of the product. By using a laser (YAG laser) trimmer, we will conduct high precision and stable adjustment. Combining the laser trimmer and our measurement technology, we conduct the adjustment automatically.
We have employed this method to adjust products used in harsh environment such as space and the adjustment of the cut-off filter (center) frequency, DC characteristics, AC characteristics,..

PCB mounting ( small‐quantity production)

NF adopt a small quantity production implemented by setup preparation and continuous improvements. High-precision printed circuit board is being produced in our company.
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