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Posted 2020/2/26

DC-power-supply (AC-DC power supply)

Circuit method and features of DC power supply

4. Noise performance of low-noise DC power supply LP5394

Further noise reduction of general linear regulator type power supplies and switching power supplies are not easy. On the other hand NF's LP5394 has almost no humming noise and disturbance noise and supply extremely low noise DC voltage (Figure 5 and 6). Not only circuit design, but also by firm structural design such as shielding make this achievement.

Figure 5: Noise characteristics of our low-noise DC power supply “LP5394”

Figure 6: Show the noise characteristics (show in Figures 3, 4, and 5) overlaid.

Related Product

Low Noise DC Voltage Source LP6016-01/P

Bias-voltage and control-voltage source for sensors and devices.

  •  Low noise: 10 µV/√Hz (Bandwidth: 10 Hz to 20 MHz)
  •  High stability: ±10 ppm/°C
  •  Setting accuracy: ±(0.03%+250µ V)
  •  Output voltage: 0 to +16.1 V (LP6016-01)
         0 to +16.1 V x 2ch (LP6016-01P)
  •  Output current: 100 mA
  •  External control interface: USB, RS-232, LAN



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