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Posted 2020/2/26

DC-power-supply (AC-DC power supply)

Circuit method and features of DC power supply

2. Linear regulator type system

The linear regulator type system supplies the output voltage with high stability and low noise by using the series regulator. However, its efficiency is poor because all the voltage difference between the input and output is consumed as heat. Series regulators include band-gap type and Zener type, and each has unique characteristics in terms of output current, noise performance, and stability.

In addition, power transformers that transform commercial power inputs are generally large and heavy. And the series regulator needs a large heat sink for heat release.

Figure 2: Schematic of linear regulator type DC power supply

Related Product

Low Noise DC Voltage Source LP6016-01/P

Bias-voltage and control-voltage source for sensors and devices.

  •  Low noise: 10 µV/√Hz (Bandwidth: 10 Hz to 20 MHz)
  •  High stability: ±10 ppm/°C
  •  Setting accuracy: ±(0.03%+250µ V)
  •  Output voltage: 0 to +16.1 V (LP6016-01)
         0 to +16.1 V x 2ch (LP6016-01P)
  •  Output current: 100 mA
  •  External control interface: USB, RS-232, LAN



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