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Posted 2019/7/19

Voltage amplifier ("voltage to voltage amplifier")

What is a voltage amplifier ("voltage to voltage" amplifier)?

6. Temperature drift (temperature stability)

Temperature stability is one of the indicators showing the stability of components and circuits. The literal meaning of it indicates how much the output of such items is affected when temperature changes.

In the case of preamplifiers, temperature fluctuation of offset voltage (“offset drift”) may be particularly important. The offset voltage of a preamplifier fluctuates because the characteristics of the device (a transistor) used for the input are greatly related.

In general, bipolar transistor input tends to have small offset drift (about ± 1 µV / °C or less) and FET input tends to be large (about ± 5 to 20 µV / °C) in reverse.

Offset drifts of the main preamplifiers offered in our lineup are summarized in Table. The bipolar-transistor inputs achieve the best offset drift characteristics by more than one order of magnitude.

It is most effective to use the preamplifier in a place where the temperature is stable; however, if it is desirable to reduce the influence of temperature variation, a preamplifier with a bipolar transistor input is effective.


Model Offset drift Input device
SA-200F3 ±0.2 µV/°C Bipolar
SA-410F3 ±0.2 µV/°C Bipolar
CA-261F2 ±0.3 µV/°C Bipolar
SA-240F5 ±0.5 µV/°C FET
SA-440F5 ±5 µV/°C FET
5307 ±8 µV/°C FET
CA5360 ±10 µV/°C FET

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Extremely low noise amplifier SA Series

Extremely low noise, excellent stability, wideband preamplifier for detection of extremely small signals

     Low noise
  • Adopted our exclusive circuit applying negative feedback technology
    SA-230F5: at input impedance of 50 Ω, noise figure of 0.6 dB and equivalent input noise voltage density of 0.25 nV/√Hz
  •  Wideband
  • A wide frequency band from low-frequency signals including DC (SA-200F3/240F5/410F3/440F5) to high-frequency, high-speed signals (SA-250F6/251F6) exceeding 100 MHz is covered.
  •  Input mode according to signal source
  • Single-ended (single-wire-grounded) input, single-ended FET input, differential input, and differential FET input



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