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Product Information

AC Power Source
Programmable AC Power Source
DP series

The DP series is equipped with a wide assortment of functions and interfaces to support a variety of approaches to using AC power .

dp seiries

Unique functions you expect from NF —
a company with unparalleled knowledge about AC power
* Current Limiter Function   * Protection Function
* Set Range Limit Function   * Remote Sensing, AGC and Auto Cal
* Memory Functions   *

External Signal Input

* Others

Numerous functions for a wide range of AC power source usage
* Sequence   * Simulation
* Clipped Sine Wave   * Arbitrary Waveform
* Control Software      

DP series designed not only for performance and functionality, but ease-of-use as well
* Operation Panel   * Remote Controller
* USB Memory

An eco-friendly AC power source designed to protect the environment by saving energy
* Power Unit Energization Setting   * High Efficiency
* Compact and Lightweight   * Display of CO2 emissions

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