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Product Information

Lock-in Amplifier/Preamplifier
Wideband Current Amplifier
SA-600 Series

High Gain, Broad Bandwidth and Stable Operation

SA-600 Series is a wideband current amplifier (current to voltage converter) with a high gain and wide frequency band. There are the following 6 types depending on the gain.
It operates stably for the added input capacitance despite a wide frequency band. It operates without oscillation with an added input capacitance of 1000 pF. The LPF cutoff frequency can be selected from four steps with a switch.

Gain (V/A)
Frequency Response
Equivalent Inpug Noise
SA-604F2 10 M DC to 500 kHz 45 fA/√Hz
SA-605F2 100 M DC to 250 kHz 15 fA/√Hz
SA-606F2 1 G DC to 100 kHz 6 fA/√Hz
SA-607F2 10 G DC to 20 kHz 2.5 fA/√Hz
SA-608F2 100 G DC to 2 kHz 0.6 fA/√Hz
SA-609F2 1 T DC to 300 Hz 0.4 fA/√Hz

* typ.

SA-600 series

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