Measurement Instruments

Impedance Analyzer

Impedance Analyzer

Impedance Analyzer ZA57630

For a broad range of impedance measurement requirements, from electronic parts and semi-conductor devices to material and substance characteristics assessments.
● Basic accuracy: ±0.08%
● Measurement frequency: 10 µHz to 36 MHz
● Measurement Impedance range: 10 µΩ to 100 GΩ
  (Mode: IMPD-EXT)


Frequency Response Analyzer

Frequency Response Analyzer FRA51615

From power electronics such as inverters and wireless charging to servo control, evaluation of electronic components and batteries, and even advanced bioresearch
 Measurement Frequency : 10 µHz to 15 MHz
 Basic Accuracy : Gain: ±0.01dB, Phase: ±0.06°
 Impedance Measurement Function