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Product Information

Lock-in Amplifier/Preamplifier
Digital Lock-in Amplifier

Suitable for nV order micro signal measurement


Fast response

Wide frequency range

Simultaneous measurement

Lock-in amplifiers can detect minute AC signals of nanovolts and nanoamperes, which is difficult with general-purpose measuring instruments.
Not only the basic performance for detecting minute signals, but also the dual frequency function that can measure two frequencies at the same time.
Therefore, lock-in amplifiers are used for cutting-edge research that requires minute signal detection such as semiconductor physical properties, quantum element evaluation, and terahertz wave measurement.

  • Time constant: 1µs (min.)
  • Frequency response: 11MHz(max.), 1mHz(min.)
  • Voltage measurement range: 10nV (min.)
  • Current measurement range: 10fA (min.)
  • Dual phases and Dual frequencies measurement
  • Built-in power supply to drive NF low noise amplifier
  • Built-in signal oscillator that can be used as a REF signal


Wide frequency bandwidth for best coverage range!


High-speed response for time-sensitive applications!


NF's general-purpose model!


Easiest-to-use simple configuration!

LI5660 LI5655 LI5650 LI5645
Frequency response 0.5Hz to 11MHz 0.5Hz to 3MHz 1mHz to 250kHz
Time constants
1µs to 50ks 5µs to 50ks
Voltage input
10nV to 10V 10nV to 1V
Current input
10fA to 1µA
Dual Single
Phase measurement Dual
  • Input noise: 4.5nV / √Hz
  • Dynamic reserve: 100 dB or more
  • Harmonic measurement: Up to 63rd order, with fraction setting
  • Measurement parameters: X, Y, R, θ, DC, Noise
  • Analog output: Outputs 4 selected from measurement parameters
  • Data memory: Temporarily store measurement data in 3 memory buffers
  • Remote control: USB, RS-232, GPIB, LAN
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