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Product Information

Frequency Response Analyzer
Frequency Response Analyzer

Reliable FRA that offers excellent performance in various situations.
Highly accurate measurement meets the greater demands of customers.
Frequency response analyzers providing consistently high-quality measurements with excellent accuracy and functions are often used for measuring the stability of servo systems, so they are sometimes called "FRA servo analyzers" and for many years have lent powerful support to state-of-the-art technology measurements. The range of applications is broad, covering various fields from electronic circuitry, parts, and materials to electrochemistry, machinery, and vibrations.

Loop characteristics of switching power supplies Ripple rejection ratios of series regulators
Servo response for magnetic and optical disk drive Resonance characteristics of piezo-electric components
Impedance of electronic components Internal resistance of battery cell
Efficiency measurement of wireless charging Impedance measurement of organic-solvent
Internal resistance of electric double-layer capacitors

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