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Product Information

Frequency Response Analyzer
Frequency Response Analyzer

Boosts up power of FRA's oscillator output.

High Speed Bipolar Amplifier HSA series
•High slew rate from DC to 10MHz
•300Vp-p and 5.66Ap-p maximum
•Four quadrant outputs and low output impedance
•Six models available

High Speed Bipolar Amplifier BA series
•High slew rate
•Four quadrant outputs
•Low output impedance
•BA4825 : DC to 2MHz, 100Vrms (300Vp-p), 0.5Arms
 BA4850 : DC to 50MHz, ±20V, ±1A

Bipolar DC Power Supply BP series
•Built-in 255-step sequential signal source
•BP4610 : ±10A (30Ap-p)
 BP4620 : ±20A (60Ap-p)
•±60V, DC to 150kHz, CV/CC mode
•Four quadrant outputs

Automatically estimates the equivalent circuit

Fuel Cell Analyzing Software
It automatically estimates the equivalent circuit by using a proprietary algorithm, based on the results of AC impedance measurements of a fuel cell and electric double layer capacitor.

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