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Product Information

Frequency Response Analyzer
Frequency Response Analyzer

FRA Mechanism

Frequency response analyzers consist of a sweep oscillator, voltmeter, and phase meter. Digital Fourier transform calculations* allow voltage and phase to be obtained simultaneously and with high accuracy, with the oscillator as the reference(Note). When measurement at a frequency ends, the frequency is switched to the next frequency. Thus, an identical measurement is automatically repeated. This is similar to the operations which are performed by using an independent oscillator and phase meter. In this way, setting on the frequency response analyzer is easy. Furthermore, since the range of the voltmeter can be changed for each measuring point, a high dynamic range measurement far beyond the limit of bits of the A/D converter can be done.

*Fourier transform calculations
The products of measured values and a reference (sine wave signal) are integrated. This is similar to operations for obtaining the basic waves of a Fourier series. An asynchronous element such as an external disturbance attenuates in proportion to the square root of integration time.

Technical Guides

Booklets are compiled for better understanding of the frequency response analyzer.
They will be sent to customers for free upon request.

Switching Power Supply Stability Evaluation
Using Frequency Response Analyzer
Explains measurement of loop gain and output impedance, which are essential for quantitative evaluation of the stability of a switching power supply. It also describes measurement of the characteristics of the components comprising the switching power supply and impedance of an electrolyte capacitor that decides the quality of output voltage.

Frequency Response Analyzer Technical Guide
Explains the measuring principle of FRA and measuring method for frequency response using an FRA. It describes the concrete measuring methods using obtained data and includes suggestions for correct measurement. It is particularly useful for engineers who will begin to use the FRA.

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