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Product Information

Power Amplifier
Bipolar DC Power Supply with Built-in Sequential Signal Source
BP series

BP Series
Lineup   BP4610(±10 A)   /   BP4620(±20 A)
BP4630(±30 A)   /   BP4640(±40 A)   /   BP4650(±50 A)   /   BP4660(±60 A)
BP4670(±70 A)   /   BP4680(±80 A)   /   BP4690(±90 A)   /   BP46100(±100 A)
* BP4610 / BP4620 are CE certified

Power supply test for the electrical components of automobiles
Output voltage can support 48 V electrical system
Test power supply for high current inductors
Stable operation with a four-quadrant operation amplifier
ball Wide range voltage output ±60 V (120 Vp-p)
(Voltage level shift is possible: Output voltage up to +115 V)
ball 10 models, ±10 A to ±100 A
ball Wide bandwidth: DC to 150 kHz (CV mode)
ball Fast response: Rise / Fall time 2.5 µs (CV mode)
ball Four-quadrant operation: Source and sink are possible
ball Up to 255 steps sequence function
ball DC, sine wave, square wave, and arbitrary wave
ball Two mode selectable, Constant voltage / Constant current
ball Response calibration function
ball Voltage / Current Limiter, measurement function
ball USB / External control IO
ball Analog input as power amplifier
ball Control software bundled (data logging, Sequence / Arbitrary waveform edit)
ball Power input: Tree-phase, 3-wire or three-phase, 4-wire (specify on order, BP4640 to BP46100)

BP Series Catalogs
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