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Electronic Load
Low-loss Simulated Electronic Load

The As-513 can be used as an electronic load device for load testing AC power supplies and power equipment (instead of resistors, inductors, capacitors, or dummy network).

Two operation modes: resistance mode and constant current mode

Current waveforms can be freely set to simulate non-linear load in harmonic current, etc.

Current phase setting is enabled.

Operates using AC or DC power

Reduces energy consumption via power recovery

Three-phase testing enabled in master and slave operation

Can be connected to boosters (up to four 2kVA-boosters)

Support automated testing via an external interface

Maximum input voltage: AC: 150Vrms / 300Vrms
DC: ±212V / ±424V
Max. input voltage: AC: 20Arms / 10Arms (40Hz to 100Hz)
DC: ±9.0A / ±4.5A
Power 2kVA

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