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Product Information

Signal Generator
NEW Multifunction Generator
Multifunction Generator WF1983/WF1984

Simple operation enables output of required waveforms
For improving the quality and efficiency of test waveforms

New  30MHz model (WF1981/WF1982)

  • 0 to 60 MHz (WF1983/WF1984)
    0 to 30 MHz (WF1981/WF1982)
    resolution 0.01 μHz
  • 16-bit, 21Vp-p/open
  • Low distortion, low jitter
  • Floating between input and output
  • Sub-output function
  • Parameter-variable waveforms
  • Pulse edge variable function
  • Max. Waveform Size:
    64 Mi words (WF1983/WF1984)
    32 Mi words (WF1981/WF1982)

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