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Product Information

Signal Generator
Multifunction Generator
WF1973 / WF1974
Effortless waveform generation viaa an intuitive graphical user interface; Upcoming general-perpose signal source that is a must of engineers
Multifunction Generator WF1973
Multifunction Gnerator WF1974 2CH/30MHZ

Wide Frequency Range Various Types of Waveforms
0.01 µHz to 30M Hz
Equipped with standard, arbitrary and
“parameter-variable” waveforms.
Useful Programming Function Wide Array of Oscillation Modes
The sequence function enables you to easily program output patterns. Continuous, burst/trigger/gate, internal/external modulation, sweep, and sequence oscillation
2-channel mode Functions
Two independent channels,
two phases, constant frequency difference, constant frequency ratio,
and differential output
Synchronous operation of multiple units
Usable as a pulse generator
External addition input
User-defined units, and more
Pursuit of Usability
Flat and lightweight (88 mm high, 2.1 kg)
Each channel insulated from the housing,
USB/GPIB interface, and more

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