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Product Information
Measurement System
Measurement System
MS-500 series

The MS-521/523/525 is the mainframe unit with built-in power supply used to house the MS-500 series plug-in units.


MS-523 *2
No. of amplifier and filter units Maximum of 4 channels Maximum of 8 channels Maximum of 16 channels
Power supply AC100
(120, 200, 220 or 240V is available.)
DC11 to 15V, or AC100V AC100, 120, 200, 220, 240V
Control or GPIB unit Not applicable Applicable by P-42A Applicable by P-42A
Dimensions 119.5(W) x 199(H) x 400(D) 283.5(W) x 199(H) x 450(D) 480(W) x 199(H) x 400(D)
Weight *1 5.0kg 6.1kg 12.2kg
*1 Weight of mainframe only
*2 Can combine P-85, P-86 or P-87 up to max. 7 units.
Max. 6 units in conjunction with P-42A

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