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Product Information
Frequency Response Analyzer
Frequency Response Analyzer

From power electronics such as inverters and wireless charging to
servo control, evaluation of electronic components and batteries,
and even advanced bioresearch
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Frequency Response Analyzer FRA51615


Our FRAs are suitable to measure frequency response for many industries from electronic circuits, electronic components, and materials to mechatronics and electrochemical applications. Equipped with the performance and functionality to support many industries, our FRAs provide highly reproducible measurement data and more efficient testing operations.
The FRA51615 is our newest FRA developed to meet the needs and desires of our customers, and to provide the best user-friendliness, down to the smallest detail.


Measurement Frequency  :   10 µHz to 15 MHz
Measurement Speed  :  0.5 ms/point
Basic Accuracy  :  Gain:  ±0.01dB, Phase: ±0.06°
Maximum Measurement Voltage  :  600 Vrms
Maximum Input Voltage  :   600 V CATⅡ/300 V CATⅢ
Isolation   :  600 V CATⅡ/300 V CATⅢ
Dynamic Range  :  140 dB

  Functions to ensure reliable and highly accurate measurements
Auto Ranging   Automatic High Density Sweep
Amplitude Compression Function   Integrator
Automatic Integrator   Delay Function
Differential and integral operations   Sequence Measurement Function
Marker Search Function   Group Delay
Measurement Function for Changing the Frequency at 0° -phase
Impedance Measurement:
Parameters: Z/R/X/Y/G/Ls/Lp/Cs/Cp/Rs/Rp/V/I/D/Q
Error Correction: Open correction, Short correction, Load correction, Port extension, Slope compensation

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