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Product Information
AC Voltmeter/Noise  Meter
AC Voltmeter/Noise Meter

Voltage measurement range M2174A : 10µV to 100Vrms/F.S.
M2177A : 30µV to 100Vrms/F.S.
Frequency range 5Hz to 500kHz
Input impedance approx. 1M ohm 20pF max.
Max. inuput voltage 30mV to 100V range : AC ± DC peak value ± 250V
10µV to 10mV range : AC ± 5Vpeak, AC ± DC peak value ± 250V
Indication accuracy
(average reponse, reference to F.S.)
10µV range : 10Hz to 30kHz ± 10% (M2174A only)
30µV range : 10Hz to 30kHz ± 5%
100µV range : 10Hz to 100kHz ± 5%
300µV to 100V range : 5Hz to 500kHz ± 10%
AC output 1V (F.S., no load), output impedance : approx. 50Ω typ.
DC output 1V (F.S., no load), output impedance : approx. 50Ω typ.
Meter Taut-band with mirror type
Weighting network Built-in 4 types filter * :
JIS-A (JIS C 1502A), JIS-C (JIS C 1502C),DIN-45405 (AUDIO), CCIR-ARM
Possible to add another 2 filters as option
Power requirements AC100V, 120V, 230V, switchable
Dimensions (mm) 140(W) X 177(H) X 300(D)
Weight approx. 3.5kg

* : Characteristics of weighting filters (built-in)
JIS-A (JIS-C1502A)

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