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Important Notice
Function Modules


NF products are intended for use in general electronic equipment (such as test and measurement equipment, communications equipment, office equipment, factory automation equipment or systems, industrial robots, machine tools, etc.) unless otherwise expressly specified in our data sheets, data books, website, etc.

The products are neither intended nor warranted for use in equipment or systems (as indicated below) which require extraordinarily high level of quality and/or reliability, and/or a malfunction or failure of which may cause a loss of human life, a physical injury, a serious property damage, or a serious effect on society.

  Equipment used in nuclear facilities
  Equipment used in energy or water infrastructur
  Aircraft equipment
  Aerospace equipment
  Military & defense equipment
  Medical equipment or systems for life support (e.g. artificial life support devices or systems)
  Transportation equipment (automobiles, trains, ships, etc.)
  Traffic control systems
  Submarine repeater systems
  Safety-related equipment
  Equipment used to control combustion or explosion

If you consider using the products in those equipment or systems, please examine and confirm the performance and reliability on your own responsibility before using, or contact us in advance.

NF assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages or losses incurred by you or third parties arising from the use of any NF products without the prior written consent of NF.

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