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Product Information

Power Amplifier
Bipolar DC Power Supply with Built-in Sequential Signal Source
BP series





10 Models, 10A to 100A
Lineup   BP4610(±10A) / BP4620(±20A)
BP4630(±30A)new / BP4640(±40A)new / BP4650(±50A)new / BP4660(±60A)new
BP4670(±70A)new / BP4680(±80A)new / BP4690(±90A)new / BP46100(±100A)new
* BP4610 / BP4620 are CE certified

Sequence Function for Fully Programmable Output Pattern Bipolar Output Good for Inductive and Capacitive Loads !!s
As a power supply for testing vehicle electrical and electronic components/motor/solenoid/large capacitors and as electronic load for testing power supplies / batteries..... Can be used for various applications.
ballWide range voltage output 60V (possible to shit the range)
ball10 Models, 10A to 100A
ballHigh speed, DC to 150kHz (CV, Adjusted)
ballUp to 255 Steps sequence function
ballDC, sine wave , square wave, and arbitrary wave
ballTwo mode selectable, Constant voltage / Constant current
ballResponse calibration function
ballVoltage / Current Limiter, measurement function
ballUSB / External control IO
ballAnalog input as power amplifier
ballControl software bundled (data logging, Sequence / Arbitrary waveform edit)

BP Series Catalogs
10A to 100A
English (601KB) pdf     Simplified Chinese (708KB) pdf     Traditional Chinese (849KB) pdf

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