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Product Information

Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer
Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer


configuration of ZGA5920
Main unit (measurement and analysis), monitor (display), keyboard, trackball (pointing device),
* Can be connected a printer to the main unit.  (Recommended printer: HP Officejet 100, HP Officejet H470)

# Highly reliable measurements for a wide range of measurement objects #
# #
# Capable of measuring from ultra-low frequency ranges
Measurement frequency: 0.1 mHz to 15 MHz
# #
# Supports measurement of power devices and high-voltage circuits
Maximum input voltage: 250 Vrms; Dynamic range: 140 dB
# #
# Extensive range of measurement sweep parameters and high density
sweeping of the frequency axis
Sweep parameters: Frequency, AC amplitude, DC bias, time
# #
# Isolation between all inputs and outputs
Isolation voltage: 250 Vrms
# #
# Functions available to provide improved measurement data reliability
Open/short correction, integration and equalization, etc.
# #
# Amplitude compression (pseudo-constant current output measurement)
# #
# A wide array of optional peripheral devices are available, such as a power amplifier for amplifying the driving signal and fixtures for the measurement of various items.

# Upgraded measurement and analysis efficiency!
Smooth utilization of data and smooth system linkages
# #    
# Administration of measurement conditions and results data  

User-friendliness and data management just like those of a personal computer

# #   main_display
# Automatic repetition measurement
# #
# Measurement support
# #
# Linkage with external devices
Equipped for control I/O 8 channels
# #
# Data logging
Equipped for analog signal input
# #
# Linkage with the user system
A software developer kit (SDK) is provided.

Details of measurement and data administration detaile


ZGA5920+amp Results from a simulator: Who knows what they mean?
Conventional LCR meters and impedance analyzers can’t measure what you need!
To correctly evaluate the characteristics of electronic components and circuits, it’s fundamental to make measurements in an actual operating environment.

Impedance Measurement of Electronic Components
Inductors and capacitor are used in large quantities in electronic equipment. To design high-performance equipment, it’s extremely important to accurately know the characteristics of electronic components used in equipment. LCR meters or impedance analyzers are generally used for measuring electronics components; however, measurable voltage and current are as small as a few volts and about several milliamperes. Some components are used under a voltage of 100 V or higher and current of 10 A or higher. The values measured by LCR meters and impedance analyzers may differ from those of actual operating conditions.
ZGA5920 provides measurements under actual operating conditions, with its
High-voltage input, Wide dynamic range, Isolation between inputs and outputs,
High-voltage, high-current power driver amplifier and Measurement adapter with a current detector circuit. In measuring and evaluating piezoelectric elements that are used as actuators, it really excels.
Measurement of Loop Gain of the Switching Regulator
To evaluate the stability of the circuit, loop gain is measured. ZGA5920:
Injects the signal into the loop, and measures the open loop gain under closed loop operating conditions.
Automatically calculates the phase margin and the gain margin that are used in quantitatively evaluating stability.

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