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Selection Guide

Small signal measurement instruments

Transimpedance amplifier
IV-200 series

Wideband current-to-voltage converter with compact size.

  • I/V converter for high frequency signals up to 10MHz.
  • Realize both low noise and wide bandwidth
Input current against frequency

IV-200 series:

Amplifies small current such as sub nano-Amp.


Achieve wide bandwidth and high gain

Amplifies small and high frequency signals of 1MHz with 4M (V/A) gain.

Gain against cut-off frequency

IV-200 series:

High gain amplifiers with high frequency response (1 MHz to 10 MHz).

*June 16,2017

pA/√Hz (10-12) order of current noise density

Amplifies high frequency small current signal with low noise.

Equivalent input noise current density against cut-off frequency

IV-200 series :

Low noise amplifiers with high frequency response (1 MHz to 10 MHz).

*June 16,2017
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Pulse response

Output waveforms (square wave)

IV-202F4 [Input current: 10μAp-p]

IV202F4 Zin≤30Ω, G=100k(V/A), 
DC to 10MHz, 450fA/√Hz
  • 100Hz 100Hz
  • 1kHz 1kHz
  • 10k 10kHz
  • 100kHz 100kHz
  • 1MHz1MHz
  • 10MHz10MHz

IV-204F3 [Input current: 250nAp-p]

IV-204F3 Zin≤1.2kΩ, G=4M(V/A), 
DC to 1MHz, 70fA/√Hz
  • 100Hz100Hz
  • 1kHz1kHz
  • 10kHz10kHz
  • 100kHz100kHz
  • 1MHz1MHz
  • 10MHz10MHz

The IV-204F3 (up to 1MHz) is recommended for 1nA to 100nA. The IV-202F4 (up to 10MHz) is
    recommended for larger currents.

 * If a large input parallel capacitance is connected to this product, overshooting, ringing, or oscillation may occur. In this case, the FREQ ADJ adjuster may be able to improve measurement stability.

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