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Grid-Connection Testing System
Grid-Connection Testing System

AC Power Source and
Impedance Network
For grid-connection testing of distributed power generation systems

Utilizing fuel cells, solar cells, gasoline engines, etc.

This system is a power supply test system that performs grid-connection testing of distributed power sources (solar cells, fuel cells, gasoline engines, etc.)
Enable inverter device testing that complies with the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy’s “Guidelines for System Interconnect Technical Requirements” and the Japan electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET) publication “Testing Methods for Small Solar Cell Power Generation System and System Interconnection Safety Devices”.


Supports power generation system with output capacities ranging from 1kW to 100kW
Supports configuration of systems that include a DC power supply, system simulation power supply, line impedance, load devices, measuring instruments, and system software.
Enable reverse current testing
Extensive track record as a supplier

Overview of system
(can be configured and combined for various use objectives.)
AC power supply device for system simulation
Enable testing of single-phase two wire, single-phase three wire, three-phase three wire/four wire
Impedance network for system simulation (various capacities are supported)
Load device: large-capacity passive load and electronic load devices are supported.
System software support available
DC power supply for photovoltaic simulation(see below.)

DC Power Supply for Photovoltaic Simulation
Models with 400V or 600V of maximum discharge voltage
Models with 15A or 30A of maximum short-circuit current
Including memory for I-V characteristics data and special-purpose software

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