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Product Information

AC Power Source
Programmable AC/DC Power Source
ES series

ES Series Handles Broad-Ranging Applications

For IEC 61000-4-11
Voltage Dips, Short Interruptions, and
Voltage Variations Tests
For IEC 61000-3-2/IEC 61000-3-3
Harmonic Current Measurement
and Flicker Measurement
* Reference impedance network is not required in the standard IEC 61000-3-2.
Simulation with Arbitrary Waveforms
arbitrary waveforms

Arbitrary waveforms can be created with Immunity Test Software (ES 0406D). Waveform data retrieved from digital oscilloscopes can be also loaded as a text file.
For example, the power source waveform given at the site can be reproduced for investigating the causes of malfunctions of the device.

For node connection tests in photovoltaic power generation systems
As CVCF for anechoic chambers and for production lines
For conversion into voltage and frequency suitable for the destination of export
For inverter- and motor-related tests
As power source for testing devices in aircraft

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