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Power Amplifier
Power Amplifier

Bipolar DC Power Supply BP series  new
10 models, built-in a sequential signal source, DC to 150 kHz, ±60V, ±10A to ±100A

High Speed Bipolar Amplifier
BA series
2 models, DC to 2MHz or 50MHz, 300Vp-p (2MHz)
HSA series
3 models, DC to max.10MHz, 300Vp-p (500kHz)
6 models, DC to 100kHz/150kHz, 60V/30V, 30A/60A/120A/240A
for Vehicle Electric and Electronic Components

High Voltage Power Amplifier
10kV AC/DC Amplifier HVA4321
±10kVpeak, 10mApeak, 500V/µs, CV/CC/CC+CV

Precision Power Amplifier 4500 series
4 models, DC to 20kHz, ±200V

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