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Product Information

AC Power Source
Programmable AC/DC Power Source
ES series

Model Model Name Remarks
ES4152 Reference Impedance Network Single phase, 20 A rms
ES4153 Reference Impedance Network Three-/Single-phase, 20 A rms (for each phase)
Voltage Dips Simulator Requires ES0406D

* Reference Impedance Network *

ES4152 For IEC 61000-3-3/JIS C 61000-3-2
Measuring Harmonic Current and Flicker

This is a circuit network of resistance and inductance to make the output impedance of AC power source come near the impedance of actual commercial line.
Use this in combination with Programmable AC Power Source ES series in harmonic current measurement or flicker test.

* The impedance value is guaranteed at the value given by the combination of ES series and this unit.
* The errors caused by impedance switching relays or current detecting resistor are corrected with feedback.
* Equipped with voltage/current monitoring terminal for connecting analyzer

Model Description
ES4152 Single phase 2 wires
ES4153 Single phase 2 wires /3 wires, Three phase 3 wires/ 4 wires

* Voltage Dips Simulator *

For IEC 61000-4-11 (2004)
Voltage Dips, Short interruptions, and Voltage Variations

When combining ES series with As-517A / As-537 Voltage Dips Simulator, ES0406D Immunity Software can be used to test phase currents up to 16 A according to the IEC 61000-4-11 (2004) standard single-phase or three-phase.
As-517A / As-537 Voltage Dips Simulator is using high-speed semiconductor switches to achieve rapid voltage switching.

* For single-phase test, one As-517A, ES0406D software , and ES series AC power source system are required.
* For three-phase tests (phase voltage and line-to-line voltage tests), two As-517A, one As-537, ES0406D software, and ES series AC power source system are required.

Model Description
As-517A Voltage Dips Simulator
As-537 Voltage Dips Simulator for three-phase tests (phase voltage and line-to-line voltage tests)
*For IEC 61000-4-34 (for equipment with input current more than 16 A per phase), custom voltage dip simulators are required. Please contact us for further details.

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