High Speed Bipolar Amplifier

High Speed Bipolar Amplifier

HSA series


Capacitor Capacitor MLCC

The demand for multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) has been rapidly increasing for mobile devices, automotive devices and industrial devices, and their capacity has become larger and larger while they're downsizing at the same time.
The capacitance of the MLCC depends on the frequency and voltage, and the characteristics are evaluated with an impedance analyzer that applies voltage while sweeping the frequency.

Capacitor Motor Ultrasonic motor

In combination with a signal generator, the frequency, phase and amplitude can all be adjusted to test drive the motor.
The voltage output is stable over a wide frequency band, and the best drive conditions for the motor are verified.
Recently, an ultrasonic motor driven at 100kHz or higher is also developed.

Autofocus of single-lens reflex camera, scanning electron microscope (SEM), semiconductor manufacturing equipment, micromachine manufacturing equipment, etc.

Capacitor Coil, Magnetic material Magnetic powder core, Ferrite core

For magnetic materials, new materials that do not contain rare earth elements are being actively developed.
Particularly, the magnetic powder core has good magnetic characteristics in the high frequency bandwidth of 1 kHz or higher. Magnetic powder cores are manufactured by processing and molding powder with characteristics such as excellent flexibility in shape and high manufacturing yield, and their applications to various types of components are being considered.
The HSA42051 / HSA42052 have an output DC offset cancellation function that suppresses magnetic saturation, and with a maximum output of 300Vp-p, it is suitable for testing and measuring power inductors.

Capacitor Piezoelectric element Actuator, Transformer

The low output impedance of the HSA series provides good step response even when driving a piezoelectric element with a large capacitance.
Combined with an impedance analyzer to measure the resonance characteristics under actual driving conditions.
The HSA42051 / HSA42052 have low output impedance, high speed, good step response, and maximum output of 300Vp-p (600Vp-p with BTL connection), supporting device evaluation in new fields.

Ultrasonic cleaning (parts, semiconductors)
Ultrasonic processing (wire bonders, plastic wells, atomizers, etc.)
Medical equipment (ultrasound diagnostic equipment, catheters, electric scalpels, etc.)
Underwater oscillator
Ultrasonic sensor
Small fine movement actuator (cantilever), etc.

Capacitor Smartphone, Touch panel

Verification of device malfunction due to external noise

Mobile devices such as smartphones may malfunction due to common-mode noise or noise from the AC adapter.
The malfunction is verified by conducting a test that superimposes the AC voltage on the DC voltage.
With the output DC bias setting and wide frequency response, it is also possible to test with a sine wave superimposed on the DC voltage.
The HSA series superimposes a broadband harmonic noise simulation signal up to 1MHz.

 Example of test waveform:
The voltage level set by the signal generator can be output by setting the gain to 1x.
Output noise is 3.68 Vrms or less, and low noise digital circuits can be tested.

Capacitor Vehicle Electrical Components

High voltage of EV power supplies

The shifting to electric vehicles worldwide had made EV development more active.
Vehicle power supply tend to be higher in voltage, and vehicle electrical components are also required to have power fluctuation a higher voltage.
In some cases, a high-speed bipolar power supply is required for high-frequency voltage fluctuation tests.

Capacitor Dielectrophoresis (DEP)

Cell separation, Detection of microorganisms and viruses

Dielectrophoresis is a phenomenon in which dielectric particles migrate due to the particles and surrounding medium in a non-uniform electric field. They're usually applied to biomolecule measurement.
In many cases, a high AC voltage is applied at a frequency around 1MHz.
A bacterial detection method that combines dielectrophoresis and impedance measurement has been studied.

Combination with an impedance analyzer for analyzing the characteristics of components and materials.


Impedance analyzer ZA57630

Combination with a signal generator for simulating various test conditions.

Multifunction generator

HSA42011 with function generator