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Product Information

Power Amplifier
High Speed Bipolar Amplifier
HSA series
High speed, broad band and high slew rate
Frequency range is DC to max.10MHz. Slew rate is max.5000V/µ s.
A fast rise time pulse signal and a complicated waveform signal can be amplified with a high fidelity.

High voltage output
Max. output voltage is 300Vp-p. Possible to drive piezo actuators and display devices by a big margin.

4-quadrant operation ( bipolar output )

Available for output plus/minus of voltage and current freely.

Changing of plus/minus polarity continuously without switching.
Excellent step response
Slew rate which is important when large amplitude output is required, is maximum 5000V/µ s.
Reproduce a signal in high fidelity by good response for high speed repetitive and high speed transient phenomenon signal.

Possible to get a clean waveform of few overshoot and ringing.

Two inputs are provided
Input is A and B of dual inputs. One touch operation for addition and input change.

DC bias
Equipped with DC bias function enabling to add DC to the output.

Low output impedance
Enable to get excellent response in capacitive and inductive load.

Function of output range shift
Equipped with the range shift function which is able to change output range.

Equipped with DC offset adjustment function, protection circuit, Monitor meter & monitor output, output ON/OFF switch and others.

* The above mentioned functions are not equipped with some model.
Please refer to the specifications for the detail functions and the comparison of each model.

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