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Product Information

Function Generator
AC Power Supply
EPO series

To manufacture reliable products, you need a reliable power line environment.
The EPO series allows for manufacture and measuring operations free of voltage fluctuation factors, and increases reproducibility of test data.

( 1 )
As a CVCF* power supply for production and inspection lines
* (Constant Voltage Constant Frequency)

( 2 )
Variable voltage transformer and motor generator substitution
As a VVVF* power supply
* (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency)

( 3 )
As power supply for motor-driven devices like vacuum cleaners and air conditioner

( 4 )
A power supply for anechoic chambers and shield rooms

( 5 )
A machine power supply for aging

A power supply for taking precision measurements of waiting power and power consumption during operation
A power supply for taking power measurements of air conditioning devices such as calorimeters
A power supply for incorporating measuring and testing systems
A power supply for stabilization during leakage current measurements
A power supply for providing specified voltage to non-Japanese lines

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