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Product Information

Function Generator
AC Power Supply
EPO series

Boosting rated power and phase mode selectable
The single phase 2kVA is our basic unit.
Used as a master or a booster
Up to 3 units of the same type can be linked together.
Phase mode selectable(single phase/three phase/single phase three wire)
EPO2000X 2 sets : single phase 4kVA, single phase three wire 4kVA
EPO2000X 3 sets : single phase 6kVA, three phase 6kVA

Single phase system EPO2000S 2kVA 2kVA unit
EPO4000S 4kVA M style cabinet
EPO8000S 8kVA L style cabinet
EPO10000S 10kVA L style cabinet
EPO12000S 12kVA L style cabinet
Phase mode selectable systems
(single phase/three phase
/single phase three wire)
EPO6000M 6kVA M style cabinet
EPO12000M 12kVA L style cabinet
EPO18000M 18kVA M style cabinet x 3 sets
EPO24000M 24kVA L style cabinet x 2 sets
EPO36000M 36kVA L style cabinet x 3 sets

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