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Product Information

Signal Generator
Multifunction Generator
WF1973 / WF1974
Parameter-variable waveforms Flexible Program Output Patterns

The sequence function programs and sequentially outputs parameters such as waveform, frequency and amplitude. Repetition, jump and other such behavior can be programmed, so constantly changing signals—such as machine vibration and voltage fluctuation—and long complex output patterns can be generated easily. The sequence function allows sudden changes to parameters, and can be used with parameter-variable waveforms and sweep functions. The sequence function substantially expands the range of applications for which our function generators are suitable.

waveform, frequency, phase, amplitude, DC offset, square wave duty, step time, hold operation,jump destination, number of jumps, step stop phase, branch operation, step termination control, and more
Number of steps: 1 to 255 per sequence
Number of saved sequences: 10
Maximum number of usable waveforms: 128

Main unit graph screen

Program Example Using the Sequence Function
The following table shows the program (sequence list) used to generate the signal on the left. The WF1973 and WF1974 can execute such simple programs automatically. The Sequence Editor facilitates generation, editing, and a number of other processes for more complicated programs.

Step Waveform Frequency
Step time
1 DC 20 0 0 0.15
2 DC 20 0 5 0.2 ON
3 Sine 20 2 5 0.15
4 DC 20 0 5 0.1
5 DC 20 0 3.75 0.1
6 DC 20 0 2.5 0.1
7 DC 20 0 1.25 0.1
8 DC 20 0 0 0.1

Sequence Editor

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