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Product Information

Signal Generator
Multifunction Generator
WF1973 / WF1974
Lxoʭg` Ideal 2-channel generator
The WF1974 is a dual-channel function generator. Each channel is insulated from the housing and has the same functions and performance as a single-channel WF1973. In addition, the WF1974 offers two phase, constant frequency difference, constant frequency ratio and differential output—all features that are unique to NF dual-channel function generators.

WF1974 rear panel
WF1974 rear panel

Independent output (Indep)
Two channels programmed separately.
Two phase (2-Phase) Same frequency
Constant frequency difference (2-Tone) Difference in frequencies is constant.
Constant frequency ratio (Ratio) Ratio of frequencies is constant.
Differential output (Diff) Reverse phase waveform with identical frequency, amplitude, and DC offset.

Two channels independent
Two channels independent
Differential output
Differential output

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