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Product Information

Signal Generator
Multifunction Generator
WF1973 / WF1974
We can satisfy a variety of waveform-related needs.

Electronic equipment and parts
Ultrasonic motor drive testing, differential/balanced input testing, LCD panel operation testing, copier drum (developing bias) testing, digital circuit evaluation testing, and evaluation of ICs
Communication and audio equipment
Testing of echo cancellers which act as IQ signal generator/clock sources for next-generation mobile communication systems, amplifier and speaker tone burst testing and linearity measurement, and wireless communication equipment evaluation testing
Gear rotation signal simulation, precision work for turbo chargers, inverter evaluation, ABS and power-steering device testing, ECU and sensor operation testing
Machinery, controls, and construction
Industrial robot and servo system adjustment and testing, pulse motor driving, building vibration experiments (for incorporating vibration testers), water-tank-based wave generation tests, and material fatigue testing
Other applications
Simulation of biosignals, electrolysis, electroplating, and battery charge/discharge testing, breaker testing, three-phase power source simulation, power source modulation testing, a frequency standard for measurement equipment management room, experiments and science projects in universities and technical colleges

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