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Product Information
Lock-in Amplifier/Preamplifier
Digital Lock-in Amplifier

LI5640 Left side

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LI 5640 left
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Minimum time constant 10µs

Minimum time constant 10µs is realized.
Use it as high speed phase sensitive detector
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3 large-size display windows ( DATA1 )

Adopted large displays making measured or setting value easy to look.
It is convenient to 3 displays at one time.
Measured value is high resolution of 4 1/2 digits.
* The displays of DATA2 and REFERENCE on the right side
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dB, % display

In addition to the ratio measurement that is convenient for the relative measurement, the percentage (%) display and the decibel (logarithmic ratio) display which effectively evaluate the signals changing largely, are available.
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Noise measurement

Equipped noise measurement mode that can measure the noise density. Measurement range of noise density:
Voltage : 20nV/ √Hz to
1V/ √Hz full-scale
Current : 100fA/ √Hz to
1µA/ Hz full-scale
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Voltage / Current range

Voltage sensitivity : 2nV full-scale to 1V full-scale
Current sensitivity : 5fA full-scale to 1µA full-scale
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Line filter effectively eliminating the ham noise.
Also it can set not to use anti-areas filter (THRU) for super high-speed response.
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Auto set

Each setting of sensitivity, time constant, dynamic reserve and phase is automatically set to the optimum value of that time.
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An analog meter catching directly the change of measured values.
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