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Product Information
Lock-in Amplifier/Preamplifier
Digital Lock-in Amplifier
Related products totally supporting small signal measurement

Low noise amplifier

SA series
SA series
The SA series are amplifiers, challenging the limitation of the detection of small signals. In addition of 5 kind line-up because of different input styles, dedicated low noise power supplies and DC bias power supplies for sensors are provided.

Differential Amplifiers

Low noise differential amplifiers with wide band of DC to 10MHz and max.1000 times of gain. This meets to wide applications as a versatile pre-amplifier or a differential amplifier since necessary functions are consolidated in a small signal amplifier.

Low noise pre-amplifier

For improving the sensitivity of Lock In Amplifiers and for the common mode noise elimination. 100 times of gain and, wide band of DC to 1MHz.

Current Input Preamplifier

This is a current input / voltage output pre-amplifier which is used for the signal amplify (convert) of photo-multiplier.

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