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Lock-in Amplifier/Preamplifier
Digital Lock-in Amplifier

LI5640 Right side

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LI 5640 right
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Synchronized filter

A synchronized filter is equipped , which realizes the moving average at the span of integral multiple of the reference signal frequency.
The output of less ripples can be derived even if low frequency or short time constant.

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Switching the slope

It is possible to switch the roll-off of the time constant (smoothing filter) into 6, 12, 18 and 24dB/oct. It helps the high speed convergence of measured value.

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Auto zero off-set

When the key is pressed, the off-set of X,Y output is set to Zero.

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Output expansion

The output can be expanded up to 100 times. Also slight change of measured value can be detected exactly if combined with the output off-set.

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Synchronized edge selection

The synchronized edge of reference signals is set up.
Standard position of the phase is specified.

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Large type of modify dial is provided, which enables setting in analog touch.

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Reference signal source

In addition to the external signal and internal oscillator, signal input synchronized mode is also provided, which can measure even if excluding reference signals.

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Harmonics measurement

It is possible to measure by designating of only harmonic elements which are contained in measurement signals.

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Low frequency response

Wide bandwidth of 1mHz to 100kHz is available.

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3 large-size display windows ( DATA2 and REFERENCE )

Adopted large displays making measured or setting value easy to look. It is convenient to 3 displays at one time. Measured value is high resolution of 4 1/2 digits.
* The display of DATA1 on the right side
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