Product Information


    Selectable Bipolar or FET Type of Amplifier for Applications
■  Bipolar Input Type
    Support low noise and low drifting
    for sensors with low impedance

■  FET Input Type
    Widely support from low impedance sensor
    to high impedance sensor.
  Bipolar input type FET input type
Input impedance 100kΩ 1MΩ
Frequency range DC to 1MHz DC to 20MHz
Input noise 1.3 nV/√Hz 2.5 nV/√Hz

Input: differential input



    Equipped with Convenient Features for Various Applications

front   front 

rear   rear 
All functions can be controlled by front/rear panel switches.
■  Input coupling : DC/AC  
■  Input mode switch : Differential input/Single-ended input/GND  
■  Equivalent input offset
    voltage adjustment
: Adjustment range±100μV (volume)  
■  Low Pass Filter setting : THRU (without LPF)
 /LPF (with LPF)
■  AMP GND switching

: EXTERNAL (GND of power supply)/FLOAT  



    Signal Source Impedance Versus Equivalent Input Noise Voltage Density

 Bipolar input type: excellent low noise performance with low signal source impedance.

 FET input type: stable low noise performance, signal source impedance independent.







Customize Products

■ Number of channels can be adjusted based on usage.

■ Input Impedance: input impedance can be adjusted based on output impedance of the sensor.

■ Single-Ended Input: When lower noise characteristic is required, single-ended input can be used.

Equivalent input voltage noise density 0.8 nV/√Hz (bipolar input), 1.6 nV/√Hz (FET input)

■ Downsizing with high-density packaging is available for selecting based on your desired features.

We propose the whole measurement system not only with multi-channel amplifier, but with post-amplifier or/and AD converter and much more as well.