Product Information


    Selectable Bipolar or FET Type of Amplifier for Applications
■   Bipolar Input Type
   Designed sensors with low output impedance

■   FET Input Type
   Designed for sensors with wide-ranging output    impedance (low to high)
  Bipolar input type FET input type
Input impedance 100kΩ 1MΩ
Frequency range DC to 1MHz DC to 20MHz
Input noise 1.3 nV/√Hz 2.5 nV/√Hz

Input: differential input



    Equipped with Convenient Features for Various Applications

front   front 

rear   rear 
All functions can be controlled by front/rear panel switches.
■   Input coupling : DC/AC  
■   Input mode switch : Differential input/Single-ended input/GND  
■   Equivalent input offset
    voltage adjustment
: Adjustment range±100μV (volume)  
■   Low Pass Filter setting : THRU (without LPF)
 /LPF (with LPF)
■   AMP GND switching

: EXTERNAL (GND of power supply)/FLOAT  



    Signal Source Impedance Versus Equivalent Input Noise Voltage Density

 Bipolar input type: excellent low noise performance with low signal source impedance.

 FET input type: stable low noise performance, signal source impedance independent.







Customized Product

■  Number of channels can be adjusted based on usage.

■  Input Impedance: input impedance can be adjusted based on output impedance of the sensor.

■  Single-Ended Input: When lower noise characteristic are required, a single-ended input can be used.

Equivalent input voltage noise density 0.8 nV/√Hz (bipolar input), 1.6 nV/√Hz (FET input)

■  Downsizing with high-density packaging is available based on your desired features.

We propose the whole measurement system not only with a multi-channel amplifier, but with a post-amplifier and/or AD converter and much more as well.