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Product Information

Frequency Response Analyzer
Frequency Response Analyzer
*Discontinued model

NF's frequency response analyzers utilize the excellent noise eliminating feature of Fourier transformations to accurately measure frequency response characteristics. Equipped with floating input circuitry and auto ranging functions for constantly optimizing input ranges, our FRAs allow dynamically changing frequency responses to be quickly measured with high accuracy, without the need to be concerned with input signal levels or the ground potential of the device being tested; moreover, operation is quite simple. Experience first-hand just how excellent are accuracy, functions, and operability of our FRAs.

Document Library

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> FRA5087 (1.5MB)

> FRA5097 (1.1MB)


> FRA5087 (2.5MB)

> FRA5087 GPIB / USB Instruction (1.5MB)

> FRA5097 (2.5MB)

> FRA5097 GPIB / USB Instruction (1.4MB)


> Loop characteristics of switching power supplies (377KB)

> Ripple rejection ratio of series regulators (354KB)

> Servo response for magnetic and optical disk drive (375KB)

> Resonance characteristics of piezo-electric components (371KB)

> Impedance of electronic components (351KB)

> Internal resistance of battery cell (375KB)

> Efficiency measurement of wireless charging (567KB)

> Impedance measurement of organic-solvent (806KB)

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