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2020/2/26 posted

DC-power-supply (AC-DC power supply)

Examples of improved measurement and evaluation by using a low-noise DC power supply

2. Stability improvement of voltage-controlled crystal oscillator

For voltage-controlled high precision devices, such as crystal oscillators, the noise and stability of the control voltage affect directly to the performance of the device.
For product inspection and evaluation of such voltage-controlled devices, it is important to use a low-noise and high stable voltage source.
Measured how much the noise of control voltage source affects the output with the measurement system shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Evaluation system for output frequency of voltage controlled crystal oscillator.

    Measurement conditions
  • TCVCXO center frequency: about 30 MHz; measurement period: 1 Hz; number of measurements: 40,000; total measurement time: about 11 hours; ambient temperature: 23 ±5°C.

As shown in Figure 4, when using our low-noise power supply LP5394, the variation of output frequency is lower than half comparing when using a general linear regulator type power supply.

Thus, even if the device is same, the quality of the power supply causes a difference in the variation of output frequency.
Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the power supply when evaluating the devices witch requires voltage-control.

Figure 4: Difference due to control voltage source for TCVCXO output frequency variation.

Related Product

Low Noise DC Voltage Source LP6016-01/P

Bias-voltage and control-voltage source for sensors and devices.

  •  Low noise: 10 µV/√Hz (Bandwidth: 10 Hz to 20 MHz)
  •  High stability: ±10 ppm/°C
  •  Setting accuracy: ±(0.03%+250µ V)
  •  Output voltage: 0 to +16.1 V (LP6016-01)
         0 to +16.1 V x 2ch (LP6016-01P)
  •  Output current: 100 mA
  •  External control interface: USB, RS-232, LAN



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