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FRA Data Disply Software for FRA5095, FRA5096, FRA5087 and FRA5097

Version :
FRA Data Display Software (FDDS) Ver.1.1.0
File name :
Applied products :
FRA5095, FRA5096, FRA5087, FRA5097

 License Agreement

We will regard that you have agreed with use consent conditions by downloading this software. Be sure to read the following use consent conditions before downloading.

Copyright of this software:
Although the royalty of this software is permitted, NF Corporation holds the copyright of this software.
Transfer to third parties:
When you transfer this software to a third person, please append "use consent conditions" to the third person who transfers in your own responsibility. It is the same when re-distributing this software with a magazine etc.
Modifications:  Please do not modify this software.
Though damage should arise by use of this software, our company takes no responsibility about the damage. Moreover, even when a defect is in this software, our company shall not assume the duty of correction and support.

 Download of software

Approx.800K bytes

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