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Product Information
Power Amplifier
High Speed Bipolar Amplifier
BA series

Achieves DC to 50MHz(max.) broadband, high speed , 
and high-power output voltage!

Enables a wide range of applications.


Provide stable output that easily drives a wide variety of devices
BA Series are power amplifiers that handle DC to 50 MHz (max.) signals and output broadband, high speed, and high voltage (300 Vp-p max) bipolar (both positive and negative polarities) outputs. While ordinary DC power supplies only supply one-way currents, the BA Series amplifiers supply (source) and absorb (sink) currents, and handle positive and negative voltages as well, because they operate across all four quadrants.

Broadband DC to 2MHz DC to 50MHz
High-power output voltage 100Vrms (300Vp-p), 0.5Arms ±20V, ±1A
High slew rate 500V/μs 6000V/μs
Low output impedance 0.5Ω+1.5μH or less (typ.) 3.3Ω+0.01μH or less (typ.)
Bipolar output Four-quadrant operation that enables positive and negative voltage and current to be supplied (source) and absorbed (sink).
Multiple functions Output polarity switching, output range shift, output monitoring, external output on/off control, DC bias addition, and DC offset adjustment Output polarity switching, external output on/off control, and DC offset adjustment

As for high speed bipolar amplifier, we have prodcut lineup of HSA series (total six models) with different frequency range, output voltage and output current besides BA series.
We would like you consider HSA series together with BA series to select appropriate model..

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